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Arturo Dunning Chaparral Wood Sculptures – Arizona Wood Art Carvings is three-dimensional art. Traditionally, there are two main methods: carving material such as wood or stone, and modeling forms by adding pieces of material such as clay. Modern artists have explored new materials and techniques.

About Arizona Artisan:
Arturo Dunning

I have had a wonderfully exciting fascination for WOOD for as long as I can remember… – from my earliest childhood experience of sitting on my dad’s workbench as he performed with his hands what seemed to be some sort of miraculous, almost magical-transformation of the walnut boards into a complete dining room set, all with turned-spindle legs.

As friends and family would often inquire: “…where did you learn “how to” do all …that you do with wood?… – I’d generally respond – with something silly, like: I had to take special graduate classes in College & Seminary…! Which I had done, of course, but the truth is – I have merely followed the intuitive inclinations of my woodworker’s-heart in developing what I’ve always known to be a special Gift!

When it comes to the work I do with these Wonderful Woods of Arizona’s High Chaparral – all I can say is: coming from the Northlands – I was devastated when I first arrived in what I saw as nothing but “hot and dry TREELESS desert”! And, like most everyone – I believed I’d have to import every piece of wood I’d need to continue my woodworking craft. What I’ve discovered, as a surprising revelation, is that not only is there an amazing availability of native woods, – but, – as I began working with some scrub-Oak burls I found in my back-yard, I was completely fascinated, when I sawed into these things, and- WOW, I could not believe my eyes!! – the color and texture and grain pattern simply amazed me! So, I began building ‘things’ with the burls: Clocks, and Crosses, Nativities, Home Accessories, etc.

Well, “That-was-just-the-beginning…” of what I’ve discovered as my “calling” – to share the wonder of this marvelously beautiful natural resource with YOU and all who have reached my “Wood Sculptures” website. It is my perception that truly I am not actually the SCULPTOR – but simpy have the privilege of discovering what natural forces have created within the ‘life-cycle’ of each of these wonder-wood species of trees in the high Country of Yavapai County Arizona. (see: Wonder-Woods of Arizona’s Chaparral )

The Artistry of my work involves what happens after I recover some abandoned scrap of deadwood, in which I can see in my imagination what this decaying piece of ‘firewood’ could potentially become! How exciting to begin with some new scraggy fragment of Stringy-bark (Red) Juniper (the tree you see with me, above…) , and, with all senses open to observe what the scrap itself…instructs me it wants to BE – in its new-life! – perhaps the image of a flying bird, – perhaps a cross, or a clock, or even a piece of figured furniture! And, thus following a little embellishment with a carving knife, [as every sculptor knows: “its not so much what you leave…that gives new life to the work…its carefully selecting what to remove”!] Then, finally after its shape and form and texture are worked-over, however long it takes – all of a sudden it receives a new posture on a special base, and, NOW – its’ inner beauty is revealed with renewed luster, to celebrate its new form and function as a Fine Art Wood Sculpture.

It is my conviction as an artisan, that the process sketched above, is a deeply spiritual one; and, I celebrate each day in my ability to participate in THAT creation which a living God has given to this world… – including the hostile Chaparral environment which produces new resources for me each day. It is my purpose to thank God by sharing my work with YOU!


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